7 Interesting Facts About Quakers

Here are 7 interesting facts about Quakers, the people who sit in silence once a week, not the people who sell porridge.

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6. Quakers believe in doing good

They call it faith in action. They draw inspiration from their experiences in Quaker meetings and use their time on earth to help others.

7. They try to live life adventurously

Quakers believe in letting your life sing, to live a more positive and meaningful existence.

1. They Sit In Silence For 60 Minutes

They call this a Quaker Meeting. People sometimes feel moved to speak, which Quakers call vocal ministry. Did you see it on Fleabag?

2. Some Quakers believe in God, some don't

Quakers welcome all faiths and none, they don't get hung up on beliefs.

3. Quakers don't sell oats

They actually have no association with Quaker Oats, despite popular belief!

4. They insist on equality

Quakers treat everyone equally. They don't have priests or any hierarchy, and they were early activists for women’s rights and the abolition of slavery.

5. Quakers are environmentalists and work for peace

Quakers have always challenged the accepted order of things. They try to live simply and peacefully, being true to themselves and speaking truth to power.

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