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We are appealing for donations to fund our outreach initiatives, both nationally and locally. If you have funds available to support Quaker outreach, please get in touch below.

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We asked 'What attracted you to Quakers?'

And got 419 responses! Here's what some people said:

We run digital marketing campaigns across the Great Britain, encouraging people to sign up to our email newsletter, attend Zoom calls, complete quizzes and generally learn more about Quakers. We recently launched our new platform which connects people who are interested in Quakers with their Local Meeting - sign your local meeting up now!

'Welcoming everyone regardless of religious beliefs... then the idea of communal silence/ meditation feels pleasant.'

'I like the non-conformist ideals and also that belief in a higher power is not required or expected.'

'Curious to discover that you don't need to be religious.'

'A lot of their beliefs make sense.'

'I've always had an interest but have never looked into it.'

'Freedom to believe in God or not but still have the opportunity to sit with others in contemplation.'

Join our Outreach Forum

We host an outreach forum every second Thursday of the month at 1pm. The session is held on Zoom, and is for Quakers to learn more about our outreach initiatives, our services for local and area meetings, and how to get involved.

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Who we are

We are Discovering Quakers, a registered charity created by Friends, initially funded by Britain Yearly Meeting. Our mission is simple: to tell the world about Quakerism. We are passionate about outreach and supporting Quaker communities. On our team are Geoffrey Durham, Margot Lunnon, Gillian Moore, Alistair Heslop, Lea Cowin, Caroline Tisdall and Joe McRoberts.

What we do

We reach and engage people in a number of ways including print and digital, including online advertising, email marketing, websites, posters, articles and more. We run national outreach campaigns and send enquiries to Local Meetings.

Our Results in Year One

We launched in January 2023 and received over 750 newsletter sign ups in our first month. We achieved these results with social media advertising, website messaging testing and audience testing.

35,000 website visitors

3,000 newsletter sign ups

300,000 people reached